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  1. "I will pay attention when Ms. Wright teaches."
  2. "I will be supportive about her mistakes."
  3. "I will raise my hand before I speak."
  4. "I will listen and watch."
  5. "I will listen carefully."
  6. "I will not talk when Ms. Wright talks."
  7. "I will be glad that she is teaching."
  8. "I will make a good seat…

I love this idea! I’ll have to use this in a few weeks

From: heygirlteacher

:) Love this

From: heygirlteacher

:) Love this

A lesson in Vintage/Antique shopping.

When the tag says


Its probably not vintage. 

If the tag says

      ”Old looking”

Remember appearance isn’t everything. It was probably made recently to look like it’s old. 

Lesson #2: You have to dig through a lot of crap to find something good. I mean, tons

Lesson #3: Be picky. Even if its the superbestdealofthecentury, if you’re not going to wear/use it, it isn’t worth that $5.99. Go donate that to a homeless person. 

Lesson #4: You can usually tell a lot by the tags on an item. Some things appear old/vintage-y, but if they have a tag that looks like something you would find at Forever21 today, it’s most likely newer. I’ve noticed old tags tend to be prettier (fancier writing for the designer’s/maker’s name, for example). And yellow-er for some reason… 

More to come. 


India! and i’m going next year

Stumblin over tumblr

Phew… think i got that figured out. Tumblr’s a lil more confusing than blogspot, but it looks like it offers more. Shall be interesting. 

"Be Merciful, just as your Heavenly Father is merciful."
Luke 6:36

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